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PXI 1033 loud fan noises


our PXI 1033 suddenly started on one day to make very loud fan noises. It seems to come from the large fan. So far it is working normally, but the noise does not sound healthy and I'm concerned that this will only get worse. I would be very grateful for any suggestion for what I could do to fix this. 


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Loud fan noise could indicate significant dust build-up or a failing bearing. If it is the latter, you would want to replace them ASAP before they fail and cause downtime.


Replacement guide- https://www.ni.com/pdf/manuals/373597a.pdf

1033 fan replacement kit - https://www.newark.com/ni/780910-01/chassis-fan-replacement-kit-pxi/dp/15AJ5754

Search for part number 780910-01 to buy from the NI website



Soliton Technologies

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Thanks for your help. I did remove the dust before, so I will try and see if the fan replacement works. 

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