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PXI 1033 - LINK LED is blinking red

Hello together,

we have some PXI 1033 systems running with the following cards: NI4065 (DMM), NI6238, 2x NI2529


At the moment we have problems with one systems as soons as we start the DMM Softpanel under Windows. The LINK LED on the chassis is switching from green to blinking red. I tried to measure some resistances but it doesnt work.The error description for a red blinking LED is Link corrupted due to missing PCI Express Reference Clock. The NI4065 is correct installed, the selftest is fine but i cant measure something.


I am new to the PXI family and i never had problems like this. Maybe someone can help?


Thanks. Regards,

Michael P.

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Hello Michael,


Here I have a link to a Knowledgebase which describes a solution process for your problem.

MXI Express Link LED Not Turning On or Flickering Red



Please try to reserving the cable.




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Problem solved.


I removed the card form the PXI chasis and reinstalled it. The system is part of a movable test bench and maybe vibrations etc. caused such kind of connection problems?

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