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PX1-1402 and PXI-8360/PCI8361

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Currently I have PXI-1402 with PXI-8330 interface to PC via PCI-8330. I just have new PC that has 3.3V PCI type so I can't use PCI-8330 with this PC.

Can I use PXI-8360 with PXI-1402? And connect it to PC via PCI-8361.
Are there any option that I still can use PXI-8330 with 3.3V PCI bus?


Thank you for your advice.

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Yes, you can use PXI-8360 with PXI-1402 And connect it to PC via PCI-8361. 

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Thank you Machop !

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If you're buying new hardware I'd recommend using the PCIe version of the host card (PCIe-8361 instead of PCI-8361).  PCI slots are getting harder to find, and they're usually bridged from PCIe.  Going back and forth adds latency, and future PC upgrades are more likely to have PCIe slots available instead of PCI slots.


Either one will work with the PXI-8360.


- Robert

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