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PIXe-5122 Questions

I'm thinking of getting a PXI system for an ATE I need to build I've poked around and found the 5122 is a good scope, but I have two questions;


Can the 5122 do any kind of frequency analysis, I need to measure THD?

Are the two channels differential?

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Hi DanHHunter,


The 5122 itself will not perform the frequency analysis; it is just the digitizer to convert analog signals to the digital domain. The frequency analysis can be done using NI software such as SignalExpress or LabVIEW. LabVIEW will provide the most options and functionality as far as signal processing and analysis. I have included some Help documentation on certain functions in LabVIEW and SignalExpress that will allow you to measure the THD of a signal acquired by the 5122. 






To answer your second question, the channels on the 5122 are single-ended. If you would like to take differential measurements, the recommended option for this is to use the 5122 in conjunction with the Tegam 4040A PXI Instrumentation Amplifier. I have included the website for this product. Please refer to the data sheet on that website for the 4040A and the NI 5122. 






James D.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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