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PCIe-8361 Version / Compatibility

I am trying to use a PCIe-8361, part number: 195315c-01L


I do not see the device listed in the device manager.


Many forum posts mention switching the DIP switch to mode 1 for bios compatibility, but this switch is not available in the PCIe-8361 part that I have.


Is the 195315c-01L still supported?

Is there advice for how to have the computer recognize the device?

I have installed the latest NI drivers / PXI Platform services / etc.

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Hi sqdb,


That device won't show up in device manager. It will connect to the device/chassis on the other end of the cable and that's what you should see in device manager and MAX. Are you having trouble seeing the chassis?


- Robert

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I see.


I was hoping to verify that this card is functional independent of the chassis, as I am waiting for delivery of a PXIe-8360.


Are you aware of any way to check that the PCIe card is recognized?


Thank you

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Hi sqdb,


There's no way to verify the card without a chassis. It buffers the signals but otherwise doesn't interact with the host.


- Robert

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