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PCIe-8361 Thunderbolt Compatibility

Is PCIe-8361 compatible with the Thunderbolt technology? Is there a chance PCIe-8361 board is going to work with Echo Express SE I (Thunderbolt 3 Edition) or similar product? My understanding was that perhaps any PCIe board should work with adapter like the one from Sonnet Tech until I read the specification bellow...


For PCIe card expansion products, there is an additional requirement that each PCIe card's driver must also be compatible with Thunderbolt technology. PCIe cards' Thunderbolt compatibility requirements include: 1) the card driver must enable the correct card ID to be recognized over Thunderbolt, and 2) it must properly support hot-plug/unplug, recover from sleep, etc. as defined in the Thunderbolt device interconnect paradigm.

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Is there a reason you're not considering the PXIe-8301?  That allows you to connect directly to a PXI Express chassis.


Thunderbolt compatibility has several levels.  For Windows, an uncertified driver will generally work during normal operation.  From my experience with a limited set of (NI) devices everything works fine (hot plug, cold boot, etc.).  I haven't tried sleep much, and everything is inactive when I unplug it.  Hot unplug is the "riskiest" piece, though I haven't personally seen a problem with it.  There are a lot of corner cases, so you could probably find something odd if you try.


- Robert

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We have 5 PXI cards in our desktop test bench and the NI PXI-1033 chassis in kit with MXI cable and PCIe/Expresscard host adapter seemed like nice compact and cost effective solution. As far as PXIe-8301 goes we would have to go at least with the PXIe-1078 chassis to have 5 PXI slots available. Yes, it’s something I have to consider.

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