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PC wouldn't boot up after MXI compatibility install

I started with a working test system that includes a PC with MXI connection to a 1085 chassis.  That test system has been functional for a number of months.  This uses NI software from late 2013 and is used in production.


I will soon start on a new project that will use the most recent set of NI software and does not want to change anything on the current production machine.  Therefore a new computer is used with the same 1085 chassis with a different PCIe half of the MXI bridge. 


The ideal state is to be able to swap between setups by changing the MXI cable from one computer to another. 


The following notes pertain to the new PC.

Original state:

                - LabVEIW 2015

                - Device drivers installed

                - All programs run at this point

                - PXI platform services 16

                - Win 7 Enterprise  SP1

                - PCIe 8381

Add MXI card physically:

                - PC does not boot

                                ○ HDD light on for a second then PC powers off.


So next, I installed BIOS compatibility software and BIOS compatibility dip switch. The PC won’t boot up and just automatically go to the black screen that asks whether to start windows normally, or to repair the PC. Choosing the previous one just goes back to the black screen. Choosing to repair just says to do system restore.

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What PC are you using and what PCIe module are you using for the MXI connection? Did you install the new hardware to see if it worked before running the BIOS compatability software?




Finch Train

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I am using PCIe/PXIe-8381 modules. 


I installed the hardware before installing MXI compatibility without the chassis first, then it boots up fine. I connected the chassis, and the PC won't boot up at all (shuts down after a couple seconds). So then I installed the software. After that, the PC goes past the BIOS check but won't go into Windows. It goes to the window that asks whether to repair or startup normally.

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I do want to verify that the PXI system is connected to the PC and turned on before you power on the PC. Because it is recognized (and functionally acts) as an extension of your PCI bus, it needs to be powered on before the PC so it can be properly recognized and allocated.


What version of the MXI compatability software did you install, and what OS are you using?




Finch Train

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I have done teh case where the chasssi is powered up first before i turn the PC on. I get the same results. I used version 1.5 of the compatibility software and Windows 7 OS.

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You should always power on the PXI chassis before the PC, this shouldn't just be a way to test if it is recognized. Can you see the PXI system in windows device manager?




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The PC wouldn't boot up after the MXI compatibility install. It also wouldn't boot up before I install the software with the chassis connected.

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I've found two knowledge base articles that go into further depth about various issues, including your current issue of booting into Windows. The first link details a couple of issues that you've seen, and the second is a link from the first article that details specific issues booting into windows.


MXI-Express Setup and Compatibility Guide



Windows Hangs When Using MXI Express





Finch Train


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I have checked these articles before and none helped.

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What specific steps have you tried and what are the results? Have you been able to set this system up successfully on another machine? If so, were the models of the PC the same?




Finch Train

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