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One card triggering multiple 6071E simultaneous data acquisition

I have 6 6071E boards in a PXI chasis and am trying to simulatneous trigger data acquisition on all the channels of all the boards. The trigger event is one channel on only one board. Using NI application note 129 I was able to get one slave and one master board to trigger, but could not expand it to a third board.

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I'm attaching a labview example showing how to accomplish that task with a arbitrary number of boards on the PXI chassis.
Hope this helps.
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National Instruments
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Hi Filipe,

Thanks for the test file. I ran it in the lab, however I noticed it was a continuous trigger. I need to trigger all the acquisitions from one analog trigger on device 1, channel 0.

I am going to try to put a AI START after the Sync_mio.vi in the PXI MIO.vi Can you offer any suggestions on how to tie the AI Start Trigger signal into these VIs?

Thanks for the help
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