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OOK amplitude range, need to operate beyond it

I'm trying use NI PXI-5650 RF Signal Generator to generate on-off-keying modulated signal on 1090 MHz. But, as described on Page 14 of NI PXI-5650/5651/5652 Specifications I can operate from –9.5 to 10 dBm when using this modulation type. I'm looking for the most rational and affordable way to achieve amplitude range down to -100 dBm. Attenuator maybe? Or some third-party generator? For PXI, not PXI-e.

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Typically you would send the signal to an external attenuator like the PXI 5695




As you can probably see, this offers 60dB of attentuation.  To achieve 100dBm you would need two.  100dB is a lot of attentuation. Keep in mind, at these levels, you are entering the realm where noise may pose a lot of challenges.  What exactly are you trying to accomplish?  


(I can't speak for 3rd party products, I'm not familiar with their capablilies.)  




Peter C.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Just what I thought.

I'm trying to simulate ADS-B signals to test sensitivity of a receiver. Currently I use High-Speed Digital I/O and some big old RF generator for modulation and attenuation. I think I'll keep using this configuration then. Thanks anyway.

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