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Not able to detect second PXI chassis which is connected to first chassis using MXI cards

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I have 2 PXI chassis the first one is 1085 with 8115 controllers and 8364 MXI card, the second one is 1045 with PXI 8360 MXI card which is connected to 1085 chassis. I am trying to see both chassis and all cads in MAX, but I don't see 2nd chassis 1045 and related PXI cards I have in 1045 Chassis. 


I am using NI platform service 14.0 

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Are you certain that the MXI boards on both chassis are PXI, and not PXIe? Any possibility of testing this with other systems?

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The issue is resolved after a power cycle. 


Yes both are PXI

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Accepted by topic author Asnaraya

The issue is resolved. As we have a master and slave PXI's. The slave needs to be turned on first.

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