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No PC / PXi communication via 8335 MXI-3 card

When I start running the test bench application, the application starts but there is no communication between the PC (Dell Vostro 220 Mini Tower Desktop) and the PXI-1010 chassis (via 2 cards 8335 MXI-3). The green
LEDs PWR & LINK are lit while the orange LEDs RX & TX are off.
The material seems OK because:
- during the communication self-test during the application startup, the RX & TX LEDs as well as the orange LED on the PC flash
- and in DAQ in test mode of an input / output card (example PXI-6040E) the communication works continuously
-> this seems to be a problem of soft which nevertheless has not been modified but I do not see how to launch this communication.
Thank you in advance for your help. Have a good day.


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