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No LED's lit on remote controller PCIe-8381



Looking for help and insight.  Having trouble getting started with brand new PXI remote controller (8381).  Using HP-Z420 workstation and NI-1075 chassis.  Tried many things.  No luck yet.


Problem: Can't establish link to chassis.  PXIe-8381 front panel LED is amber.  Back side LED's (column of six) all blinking as expected EXCEPT for #2 (see Figure 2.5 in manual).  So far, makes sense.


However, at no time do either of the LED's on the PCIe-8381 light up at all.  Always totally dark.  Might this indicate problem hardware?


If not, I can describe my troubleshooting steps so far...just thought I'd start with the LED's.  Thanks!



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LEDs being off on the PCIe-8381 means that it's not getting power.  The PXIe-8381 is (correctly) reporting that it's not linked, since the card it would be linked with isn't on.  Probably your only option is to try a different slot, but I'm suspicious that maybe the PCIe-8381 is bad.




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Thanks Robert.  I have to agree.  I have tried multiple known good working slots with the same result.


I'll put in for an RMA.

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