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NI USB 6001 Trying to read voltage data from multiple channels at once

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I am using the nidaqmx library in python. When I attempt to read the voltage from 3 ai channels at once, I observe a strange phenomenon in which the voltage along my (Dev3/ai3) channel follows the trend/is proportional to the voltage along my (Dev3/ai0) channel. Dev3/ai1 however is completely independent and functions as expected. Dev3/ai0 also displays the voltages I expect. However, Dev3/ai3 mimics the voltage detected along ai0.


However when I only add Dev3/ai3 to the task, I read the voltage that I expect to see.


Below is an image showing the expected behavior of Dev3/ai3 




As seen above, readings are appropriately in the negative thousands.





However, as seen above, when reading multiple voltages, the current data follows the trend of the dev3/ai0.

My code is attached below

    # Configure NI DAQmx settings
    task = nidaqmx.Task()

    # Channel ai3 is reading currentData
    scale = nidaqmx.scale.Scale.create_lin_scale("currentScaler", 10000, pre_scaled_units = UnitsPreScaled.VOLTS)
    task.ai_channels.add_ai_voltage_chan("Dev3/ai3", terminal_config=TerminalConfiguration.RSE, custom_scale_name="currentScaler", units = BridgeUnits(10065))

    # Channel ai1 is reading the psu voltage
    scale = nidaqmx.scale.Scale.create_lin_scale("psuVoltageScaler", 10, pre_scaled_units = UnitsPreScaled.VOLTS)
    task.ai_channels.add_ai_voltage_chan("Dev3/ai1", custom_scale_name="psuVoltageScaler", units = BridgeUnits(10065))

    # Channel ai0 is reading the saturation sensor voltage
    task.timing.cfg_samp_clk_timing(rate=samplesPerSecond, sample_mode=AcquisitionType.CONTINUOUS, samps_per_chan=10000)


    timer = 0.0
    while True:
            sample = task.read(nidaqmx.constants.READ_ALL_AVAILABLE)
            for i in sample[0]:
                timer = timer + (1.0/samplesPerSecond)
            for i in sample[1]:
            for i in sample[2]:



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You may be experiencing ghosting



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Accepted by topic author nsw42

I looked into it, and it appears that ghosting is in fact the issue. The impedence of my current source is very high as I use a transimpedence amplifier to generate the signal. Therefore the settling time of the daq is very high and results are all messed up when multiplexing.

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