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NI TB-2630B Independent Configuration

I would like to use the NI TB-2630B terminal block for the NI PXI-2530B module. Why does this configuration not come up in NI MAX? How would one create this configuration in NI MAX? Also, are two banks connected together via the 1WREF pins internally? Or can they be split to get a 1-wire 16 16x1 multiplexer? Lastly, are the COM pins the even pins in each bank? If not how are the 1-16 pins in each bank connected to COM vs 1WREF? Thanks.

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The configuration that I am referring to is the independent configuration that is on the installation instructions for the NI TB-2630B.


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Independent configuration is the same as not having any accessory like 2630. Configure "None" as an accessory and select "2530/Independent" under topology.

NI MAX ConfigNI MAX Config



For your question regarding WREF pins, as per the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS NI TB-2630B pg.9, those are internally connected by the driver when chosen appropriate 1/2/4-wire configurations.

WREF pinsWREF pins


Com port pin location, please refer the table based on your chosen configuration
COM PinsCOM Pins





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So I can use the accessory 2630 as the 2530/independent and wire up com0-com7 as well as 1wref0-1wref3 to give a 12 1-wire 1x8 multiplexer? How would one configure this in the NI MAX software? What pins are 1wref0-1wref3 internally connected to in their respective banks? For example in a 1-wire octal 16x1 multiplexer, com0 has bank 0 pins 1-16. If I broke it further (for the 12 1-wire 1x8 multiplexer) would 1wref0 be connected to bank0 pins 1-8 and com0 is connected to bank0 pins 9-16?

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I am confused on which channel goes to which wire (aka the com0-7 and 1wref0-3). Or does the independent configuration not give you a 1-wire 12 1x8 multiplexer? If so how is it different that the single 1x128 multiplexer?

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