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NI-RFSA Soft Front Panel installation error

Hi all,


I have just purchased an NI PXIe-5840 VST, and have installed NI-RFSG (v18.2.1) and NI-RFSA (v18.2.1) drivers on my Windows 10 chassis. The NI-RFSG Soft Front Panel has installed successfully and runs as expected. However, the NI-RFSA Soft Front Panel does not open although the installation was successful.


I have attached a screenshot of the error it throws. I have tried reinstalling the drivers, but i still get the same error. Can someone please help me out?


Thanks in advance.

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Do you still have this issue? Have you tried to re-install the RFSA driver or install a newer version of driver?




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I am actually having the same issue with NI RFSA for 20.0. Did you ever get the soft front panel to work? I have tried reinstalling NI RFSA without success. I am using PXIe 1095 chassis, PXIe-8880 controller and 5603 (20-3.6 GHz) analyzer. I don't remember what the part number is for the whole analyzer is called (digitizer + LO).


One things I don't know is that version of the soft front panel that came with NI RFSA 20.0 with  is 19.1. Is this an issue?




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