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NI PXIe-8862RT

Hi everyone, I am trying to verify that the PXIe-8862RT controller is compatible with the Linux RT OS. I am only familiar with the old PharLap which is obviously going obsolete. This may be a stupid question as the specifications say it can come installed with the Linux RT OS but for some reason the 8862 is not listed in any of the compatiblity charts like this one: 


Archived: Real-Time Controllers and Real-Time Operating System Compatibility - NI


I understand that page is not actively maintained so it's possible the 8862 is newer than when that page was last updated. However, the 8862 is not an available selection on this page either via the drop down menu: 


NI Hardware and Software Operating System Compatibility - NI


I guess maybe I should just go with the 8861 which is listed in all the compatibility charts. Main difference only seems to be the processor. Any help would be appreciated before I go spend $8-9k. 

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It does support Linux RT. You may refer to 8862 specification document at: https://www.ni.com/docs/en-US/bundle/pxie-8822-specifications/page/overview.html

The NI Hardware and Software Operating System Compatibility - NI should be updated now. 

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