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NI PXIe-8100(Win7) Upgrade path

First off I am a Home Hobbyist User

I have recently acquired a new, never used, PXI-1031.
It contains a NI PXIe-8100(Win7), and a NI 6225 M Series Data Acquisition.

My intentions for this unit are...
Benchtop experimentations.
Eventual integration into home automation and event display system.

My question is will this unit support Windows 10?
Should I install Windows 10?
If yes - Wipe drive and install? or Upgrade? I have never liked the upgrade path, but since this came with Windows 7 pre-installed I would not wish to loose any needed drivers or functionality. (Unit came with some software disks but no CD-Rom)


Should I use Linux? - which flavor would best support this hardware?


Any recommendations as to what I should add for software in order to be useful as a DAC?


Thank you for any input.

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