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NI PXIe 4141 Source and Measure Trigger issue

Hi all,
Please share your comments if you are aware of this problem.
What I have
I am using NI Pxie 4141 SMU for voltage sequence generation.

Short description of what I want
I have to start my Sourcing(start of sequence) and measurement using different edges of a digital pulse.
The expected order of events is as shown below,
(1)Falling Edge(Measurement Trigger) -> (2)Measurement Starts -> (3)Rising Edge(Start Trigger) -> (4)Sequence Starts
I am having trouble in getting the measurement as expected. Please go through the further to get a detailed idea.

  1. Measurement Trigger - Measurement should start at the falling edge (which happens first)
  2. Start Trigger - Sequence should be produced at the rising edge (which happens second) of the same signal 
Since I cannot configure same Trigger input (I tried) for Source and Measurement, I am Exporting my Start Trigger to one of the PXI Trig channel (/SMU/PXI_Trig0). 
Sourcing happens as expected (verified using Scope) but though I get Measurement trigger (falling edge) prior to Sourcing Trigger (rising Edge), Measurement is triggered at only rising edge (which is the Start Trigger edge).
My Guess:
I understood that if Start Trigger is configured both Source & Measure will happen upon the Start Trigger even though we configure Measurement Trigger separately. 
When I tried to use Source Trigger instead of Start Trigger my sequencing is not produced properly. Only one voltage step is produced.
Please share your suggestions.
Anandelamaran Duraisamy,
Senior Project Engineer,
Soliton Technologies (P) Ltd,
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