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NI PXIe 4082 Internal HW error

Keep getting (intermittently) the DMM read error code -1074118066 that says to contact National Instruments.... only way to get the error to clear is to reset the card using MAX or reboot the machine.  Mostly seems to happen when performing 2wire resistance measurements (not using auto range) but in the 100 ohm range.  The really weird thing is I can measure on another net first after a fresh DMM init and then come back to the offending net and most of the time it’ll measure fine.  Anyone have any ideas?

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Hello taft220:


Can you please bring more detail about the issue? 


For examples screenshots of the error and the setup (Hardware/Software).


Thanks for all the info.

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Thanks for the reply.  The card is being repaired by NI.  It was apparently a defective card as a replacement did not fail in such a manner.

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Good to know and have a nice day.

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