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NI PXIe-1078 configuration

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Currently installing a new NI Chassis for test set-up, we have installed NI-PXIe 1078 chassis in test machine, which is not getting recognized in NI MAX ( It is not even recognized as PXI Unidentified), there are additional peripherals connected as well such as PXie-6341, PXI-2521, PXie-8301 these devices are detected by NI-MAX however can not be configured. My first guess is, since  NI-PXIe 1078 is not detected/configured, it's submodules can not be configured.

What could be the possible reason for this? any resolutions steps that can be followed?


NI MAX version used : 20.5

Attaching Simple and Technical report from NI max for reference.


Thank you in Advance

Thank you 


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Hi mobility21,


It looks like the PXIe-8301 isn't really configured either (from the MAX report). It's what's used to identify the chassis, and without the chassis the other modules will have configuration issues.


Can you look in Windows device manager to see if the PXIe-8301 is showing up properly? It's probably listed as an NI SMBus Controller. Its driver is part of PXI Platform Services.


Also, what laptop are you using? I suspect this is a recently-discovered bug when you're using Thunderbolt, Windows, a new laptop, and PXI devices (the PXI-2521 in this case). Try removing the PXI-2521 to see if things are recognized.


- Robert

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I can see NI SM Bus controller detected in device manager. I am using a new windows computer basically a dedicated test setup machine, I will try what you suggested and update here.





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Hi Robert,

I removed PXI-2521, rebooted, however there is no change as previous behavior. Attaching reports here.


is there any other way to fix it? 




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Hi Rucha,


The MAX report still shows that the PXIe-8301 isn't properly recognized, though I don't know why. Some questions and things to try:


* Do you get the same result when you hot-plug the Thunderbolt cable as when you boot with it connected?

* In device manager when you double-click "NI SMBus Controller" does the device status say "This device is working properly."?

* Try uninstalling the NI SMBus Controller in device manager, then unplug the Thunderbolt cable, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in

* In MAX, try Tools -> Reset Configuration Data


- Robert

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Accepted by topic author __Rucha__21

Hi Robert ,

I tried everything that you mentioned below, the root cause was new feature of Windows 10 which does not allow any hardware devices connected or configured for security of the system. DMA Kernel protection from System Information needs to be disabled. It can be fixed from IT team or if you have administrative privileges to changes the System Information. As soon as that protection was disabled, everything fell into it's place, and NI DAQ and all peripherals are working fine now.


Thank you for all the help and suggestions.




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