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NI PXI4130 no auxillary output


This has been our issue before about PXI4130 cards that were damage and it’s seems it’s becoming frequent this time.These cards were being rejected with common failure, "no auxillary output". We would like to know what is the possible component of the cards was being damage and the possible root cause of the failure.

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Hi JVmaster,


Sorry to hear about your issue with the PXI-4130. The forums are a good place to start for support; however, this specific forum is reserved for new ideas related to PXI hardware and software. You will get a better response if you post your question on the DMM and Precision DC Forum or use the resources on ni.com/support



Jake H | Product Manager
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we have the same scenario, our test system is using 4130 SMU, when the unit (PXI 4130) undergo calibration the result is failed due to current and voltage accuracy failure and also no auxiliary output.  we conduct validation by checking the actual voltage output. for Channel 0 with voltage output of 0 to 6Volts the result is PASS but for channel 1 with the voltage output of 0 to 20V the result is failed the actual readout is 17volts.

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What part of PXI 4130 SMU possible got damage?

EOS/EMI from AC source can damage the PXI 4130 SMU board?

PXI 4130 SMU board has a protection from the high frequency noise?  

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