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NI PXI-ExpressCard8360 and PCI Express Cable

i wonder if there's a solution to extend (5 meters or more) the connection between a laptop and it's given docking-station?
My current hardware config is:
Acer Travelmate C312XMI Tablet-PC, Acer ezDock Docking-Station
The Acer specs says, that the docking-station is connected to the laptop by a PCI-E signal via cable. It communicates with the system by a connector with 124 pins. 120 signal pins and 4 power pins. That's all i found out about the connection. I don't know if this kind of port is a given standard or if it's Acer-Only specific. I'm less a technical expert in electronics than more an end user. After loads of internet research with no usable results and also no answers from Acer's support team or forums, i really hope you guys can help me with this issue.
On the National Instruments site i've found the NI PXI-ExpressCard8360, which provides a PCI Express link up to !!7!! meters. Such a link cable would exactly fit my needs. So i wonder if this cable could be used as a bridge between the laptop and the dock? Would it fit inside the Acer port or are there any other connectors/cables required/available?
I would be really lucky if anyone here could answer my question, as i think that only support from technical experts could bring out a solution for my problem.
By the way, here's a link to the Acer ezDock specs
Best regards,
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The NI PXI-Express Card 8360 is a Express Card for Laptops, to connect PXI-Chassis to the Laptop. You can not use this interface to connect your Laptop to a Docking Station.
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