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NI-PXI 5412 Script Mode

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I am using the niFGEN Configure Output Mode VI to allow for two 5412 FGENs to produce waveforms with a specified phase difference.  However, I am finding that whenever I run the Configure Output Mode VI, I get an error if I choose "Script" as the output mode.  The error has error code -1074135039 and reads:

"niFgen Configure Output Mode.vi<ERR>Instrument error detected. Call the PREFIX_error_query function and examine the error code and error message parameters for additional information regarding the error."

Is the 5412 capable of script mode?  If so, what might I be doing wrong. (If so, I will be happy to post more info).



Billy Maier

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Look here: http://www.ni.com/pdf/products/us/2004_4600_305_101_DLR.pdf


Under "output modes," only " Arbitrary waveform mode and arbitrary sequence mode" are listed.  So the 5412 is not capable of script mode.  Compare to http://www.ni.com/datasheet/pdf/en/ds-235, for example.

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