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NI PXI-1045 Configuration problem

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I want to configure a PXI-1045 chassis as follows:


Slot 1: PXI-8360 MXI Card
Slot 2: Geotest GX-1838 Power Supply
Slot 3: Geotest GX-1838 Power Supply

Slot 4: NI PXI-6704 DAC

Slot 5: Empty

Slot 6: NI PXI-5406 AWG
Slot 7: NI PXI-5406 AWG

Slot 8: NI PXI-5406 AWG

Slot 9: NI PXI-5406 AWG
Slot 10: NI PXI-5406 AWG

Slot 11: NI PXI-6561 DWGA

Slot 12: NI PXI-2503 MUX

Slot 13: NI PXI-5105 DIGITIZER

Slot 14: Empty

Slot 15: Empty

Slot 16: NI PXI-6521 I/O

Slot 17: NI PXI-6521 I/O

Slot 18: Empty


I start Installing the cards one by one from laft to right, re-boot and install driver after each card.

Everything seems normal until 12th card.

As soon as I install the 13rd card (no matter what the card is), my PC can not boot and stuck right after bios setup and

continously resets itself.


I tried different sets of cards and each card works individually.


Could someone help me how to solve this problem?


Thanks in advance.




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You should look at the MXI-Express BIOS Compatibility Software, which ought to fix this.  You'll need to install the software and flip a switch on the PCIe card.  The current version is 1.3.




Good luck.


- Robert

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Thanks for the information.

This seems applicable to my situation.

However I experienced some issues when applying the procedure described in readme file.


- I installed the software,

- I shut down the computer and removed the MXI card (there's no dip switch on it).

- I rebooetd the computer and hot plugged the card, Windows did not automatically recognize the card.

- I run "scan for hardware changes" from the device manager - card is recognized as an additional standard PCI-to-PCI bridge with an exclamation mark.

- Then I run BIOS compatibility sw to enable Mode 1 - When click "Scan for Devices", a message box appears "No relevant devices found" and enable button is still dimmed.


Is there another step I shall apply? Do you have any suggestions?


Thanks in advance




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What's the part number of the PCIe card?  It should be something like 199042A-01L or 191735C-01L.  Is it on the supported list here?




The kits that include the NI PXI-8360 have included supported hardware for years, so it's surprising that your card doesn't.  You are looking at the PCIe card and not the PXI card, right?


The software to enable Mode 1 is only applicable to the NI ExpressCard-8360 since it doesn't have a DIP switch.  The PCI(e) cards all have switches to enable it.


- Robert

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I re-booted the PXI chassis and the problem in my first message is solved.

Now everything works fine and I can see all my cards in MAX configured.


Seems like the installation of bios sw solved the issue automatically w/out extra hotplug procedure.


I tried rebooting several times and it seems ok.


Thank you very much for the helps,


Have a nice day.:manhappy:

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