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NI DCPower 17 Error -225130 Windows 10

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I'm having issues with DCPower on windows 10. Where I work, we have windows 7 on some computers but all new computers are windows 10.  All machines have LabVIEW 2017, TestStand 2016, DCPower and such. This error is only happening windows 10. If I move the chassis to a windows 7 machines, I have no issues.


I have tried to remove all NI software and reinstall it and even went as far as getting a fresh windows 10 install. Still no good. 


I saw this thread but it didn't solve my issue:



Has anyone had a similar issue? Any tips on how to solve it? 


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Hi vweb,


The one other time I saw this issue, the customer was using a PXIe-4140 and the issue was resolved by moving which slot the card was in. Have you tried moving it around yet?



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Hi Ryan, 


I did try moving it around and it didn't work. I do have a solution though. I had also emailed NI support and Shane Kraus (NI Applications Engineer) had sent a list of items for me to check. It turns out I needed to update the BIOS firmware. As soon as it was updated and rebooted, DCPower worked! It also makes sense that all of our windows 10 machines were having this issue since they're all the same model. 


Here is what Shane asked me so if someone happens to have a similar issue, they can  hopefully use this as a starting point:


1. What models of Windows 10 Computers have you tried with this PXIe system?

2. Have you checked to see if there are any BIOS updates for these comptuers?

3. What hardware do you have involved in this system (chassis, MXI connections, other devices)?

4. Are you able to successfully use other devices in this system with these Windows 10 Computers?
5. Would you be able to provide a MAX Technical report on one of these computers? This will provide me with a list of the different software installed on this computer and will be helpful for investigating this issue. I have included an article with instructions on how to generate this report below. 

Using MAX Technical Report to Document Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) Configuration Information:http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/271F252B4EF0A2E0862570E70056A1E4

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