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NI 1073 PXI chassis


    I have a new chassis 1073

  •     If in MAX I try to open a Visa Test panel I receive this warning message( cf the attached capture file) it isa usual?
  •     We develop a PXIe card( arb wavefor generator) with PLX8311 PXIe-local bus bridge. When we plug this card in the chassi the computer don't success to "see" it. When we test we know that   there is  no activity on receive line (A5 B5 line3 on connector) ( when check on pcie connector on the computer mother board  we see activity on this lines) why?
  •     the pin A2 (PRSNT#) will be pulled down?( or connect directly to GND?)
  • The signal level PXIe and PCIe are the same? ( we work with an evaluation bord with the same bridge on PCIe and it work fine) 

Thanks for help



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Here are a few things to check.


- A5/B5 should be connected to the PLX 8311's TX lines through capacitors (standard PCIe levels).  TX --> cap --> A5/B5


- C5/D5 should be connected to the PLX 8311's RX lines (standard PCIe levels).  RX <-- C5/D5


- Refclk is not a standard PCIe level.  It's LVPECL instead.  So it should should be AC-coupled and rebiased/terminated.  As I recall, this suggested bias is a 56 ohm resistor to GND and a 475 ohm resistor to 3.3V (50 ohm Thevenin equivalent, center point of voltage around half the normal swing of PCIe's HCSL clock lines).  The PLX bridge may have different requirements.  RefClk <-- [bias resistors] <-- cap <-- E4/F4


- PRSNT# (A2) should be pulled down or connected directly to GND, though it's not used in a 1073.



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  Thanks for help. I give your infornation to my hardware engineer. You need do change to our print

Best regards


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