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Motherboard PCI resource allocation issues with PXI controllers

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I am assembling a test system with a PXI-PCIe8361 controller and a PXI-1042 chassis.  Several years ago there were know issues with some motherboards regarding PCI resource allocation.  I have looked around and have only been able to find older posts and lists of recommended motherboards.  It seems that ASUS is a manufacturer to avoid while Abit and Gigabyte function well.  Is there a more up to date list of recommended motherboards or manufacturers?  Is this even an issue with newer motherboards?


Any information will be appreciated,


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Hi Nick,


PCI resource allocation issues are substantially less common with newer motherboards/BIOS's. In situations where this issue still occurs a BIOS update usually solves the issue. The best advice I can give if your are buying a new computer for a MXI connection is to go with a PC and not laptop, which you are.


These issue are rare enough that we don't maintain a list of suggested manufactures, if you encounter any issues you can call us at 1-866-ASK-MYNI, and we would be happy to help.



Scott M.

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks for the help Scott.
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