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Missing devices in DAQmx dropdown

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I am trying to use the external SMB trigger on my PXI controller as illustrated in:


But I don't see my controller listed in the dropdown menu for available devices. 

I checked the support for both my chassis as well as the controller with PXI Platform Services version and they show as compatible. It shows up fine in NI Max so I don't know what the problem is.

Is there a way to "refresh" the list of devices that LabView thinks are available?


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It looks like you have to type it in and not automatically listed down.



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I tried this but I get an error: "No device by the given name was found"



I can't update the problem description to reflect this

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Can you send in the code your using or a screen shot of the block diagram where the connection is being made? Also, can you send in a MAX Tech report? I'd like to look at how the connection is being made in LabVIEW as well as the naming and hardware of the devices being used.

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I am attaching the MAX tech report as well as a screenshot of the way the connection in made in the VI in question. The source code is also included in the zip file for the MAX report.



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Accepted by danzilla

I was able to connect with NI support and got a resolution to my issue. Somehow the MAX configuration database got out of whack. I was able to see all the devices in the system after a configuration reset. 



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