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Memory option for PXIe-8862

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New PXIe-8862 is planned to replace our previous controller for faster processing.  Currently, PXIe-8861 has been used with 32GB memory.  Though CPU on PXIe-8862 is a more latest version than the one on PXIe-8861, it looks like PXIe-8862 supports only up to 16GB for its memory option, according to the following specification page.  






Any chance to install two 16GB memories to make it 32GB in total on PXIe-8862, or motherboard on PXIe-8862 limits it up to 16GB?

16GB max for memory option sounds a bit short for latest PCs for measurements and controls.  


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Yes, you can install 32GB as described in the brackets in your image (2 x 16GB maximum) though 16GB is the standard option.

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Thanks much for the reply.  I somehow misread the description and thought 16GB was the max for 8862 memory.  

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