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Maximum voltage for PXI-5900 above ground/earth

I have purchased a PXI-5900 differential amplifier to use with a PXI-5922 so I can measure differential voltages floating above ground.


The manual for the PXI-5900 has a description of :

Common-mode input voltage range ±10 V, characteristic

The input protection 1 MΩ ±120 V, characteristic


Is it the common mode voltage input range which is important? So the voltage cannot float higher than 10 ? Or do I need to study another part of the manual?



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Apologies, should have used the search:


'The common-mode voltage range is defined as the maximum allowable voltage swing on each input with respect to the measurement system ground. Violating this constraint results not only in measurement error, but also in possible damage to components on the board



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