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Maximum data capture time

Hi all, 


I expect this is ultimately a simple question, but I'm new to all this and the answer has eluded me so far, any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


I'm working with an existing system comprising a PXIe-8135 controller in a PXIe-1082 chassis, with a combination of PXIe-6368 and PXIe-6363 I/O modules each operating in differential mode. I'm trying to understand what the limiting factors for data capture duration are, and where they come from. 


For example, if I were to fill all the chassis slots with the PXIe-6368 cards, operating at their maximum number of channels (16 ch/card) and maximum sample rate (2MS/s/ch) at 16 bit resolution, how do I determine the maximum length of time I should be able to record data and save it out? How does this vary with number of cards, channels, sample rate, and if I were to switch to the multiplexed PXIe-6363?




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If you are logging this data, then you will be limited by the amount of hard drive space on either the controller or an external hard drive you have connected.  If you load up all of your slots and go at the maximum rate you stated, you are looking at ~2GB/s being logged.  The built in hard drive would not be able to keep up with that, so you should also have some type of PXI Data Storage (I thought NI had another option to connect to an external RAID, but I am not able to find it at the moment).

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Thanks very much for the reply, that's nice and straightforward.

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