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Max is not able to identify the cards

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I have a PXI 1042 chasis with 8360 pxi card connected to a laptop running Vista.


5404, 6552, 2576, 6221, 4110 and 4130 are the cards installed in slots 2 to 7 respectively.


Under Devices and Interfaces > I can see the PXI-1042 "Chasis 1", but none of the cards have been identified.


Do I have to identify the cards manually? Or did I do something wrong while installing the software?


I am running Max 5.0.0, Labview 2011.

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Things tried so far : 


Uninstalled everything and Installed everything back on the laptop.

Updated DAQMx - from ni.com to the latest version


Nothing helped.


Under System>Device Manager - I can see all the cards listed twice and with Device Status - "This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (code 12)"...

In MAX under Devices and Interfaces I can see PXI-1042 "Chasis 1" but model names are unknow/empty for all populated/unpopulated slots.



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If you're seeing cards twice in device manager then there's something pretty wrong with the configuration.  I'd try the MXI-Express BIOS Compatibility software for something like this.  Make sure your NI ExpressCard-8360 is on the supported list, install the software, then run the utility it installs to change the mode of the ExpressCard (you only have to do it once).




Until the cards show up properly in device manager they won't show up in MAX.


- Robert

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That helped, thank you Robert!

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