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MAX cannot see my PXIe-5122

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I'm currently in a training period and I try to install a instrumentation banch for my tutor.

So I have a chassis PXIe-1075 which is connected to my computer by a PXIe-8370.


There are 3 modules :

- PXI-4071

- PXI-5422

- PXIe-5122


For the two first i have no problem to see them in MAX. But the last one doesn't appear in MAX ?

I installed LabView 2010, also NI Scope and a lot of others softwares provides with my products.


Somebody can help me ? 😃


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Accepted by thibloiz

Hi Thibloiz,


What version of NI-Scope is installed? You should be able to get the version # from the Software list in MAX.


Have you tried the 5122 in other slots of your chassis? Does it show in Windows Device Manager?



Micah M.
National Instruments
NIC AE Specialist - Test
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First of all I had installed the version 3.6.2, and after downloaded on NI I installed the 3.8.7.


No I didn't try a other slot because when I recieved the chassis, the modules were already installed.

In Windows Device Manager I can't see my modules. I enclose a screen impress.


Thank you for help.

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It's ok, I try on a other slot and now i can see it on MAX.



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