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Logical names lost after database corruption removal



I am working on a PXI based project using NI 5663 and NI 5673. The MAX database in system got corrupted recently due to power cut.


I did a database corruption removal and the only issue I face now is that there are no logical names for the devices. I am following the steps from the site below to create the same –



But after I create a new logical name say for the LO 5652 (associated with 5663), I do not know which driver session to associate with it.

There are driver sessions for niFGen, ni5450 in the list but no session for 5663 or 5673.


Could someone please help me out with creating logical names and associating them to the devices?


Thanks so much,


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To configure your 5663, you can refer to the RF Vector Signal Analyizer Getting Started Guide pages 37 - 39.

You should open Measurement & Automation Explorer and rename the devices such as VSA_LO, VSA_DC, VSA_DIG for the local oscillator, downconverter and digitzer respectively. Next you will need to associate the downconverter with the local oscillator and digitizer by right clicking the downconverter and selecting properties




To configure the 5673 the steps will be fairly identical, rename the devices if you wish and then associate the upconverter (IQ Vector Modulator) with the arbitrary waveform generator and the local oscillator. You can also refer to the RF Signal Generator Getting Started Guide on pages 23 - 24.


Which programming language are you using the VSA and VSG with? You normally wouldn't need to configure any IVI sessions the the devices. The only configuration normally is just associating the upconverter or downconverting with the LO or digitizer/AWG module.

Anthony F.
Staff Software Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks so much for the reply.


Sorry if I could not put my question clearly. I have LabView installed with PXI. My question is why I cannot see the logical names of the devices after the database corruption removal. And if I have to create new logical names, how do I know which driver session to associate with the same? For example if I create a logical name for  VSA_LO, which driver session would I associate it with?




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