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List of system configurations with Thunderbolt IF PXI chassis (1083 / 1090 / 1071+8301) which I delivered so far.

Hello, just as references for someone, system configurations with Thunderbolt IF PXI chassis are listed below.  These system configurations are successfully delivered to my customer without any problems.  Some BIOS settings are changed to make chassis detected by PC, but there were not difficult or complicated things and just simple settings helped.  


Overall, I never had troubles with Thunderbolt IF PXI chassis so far, though I carefully tested compatibility at the very beginning of the deal with customers.  Thunderbolt IF PXI chassis are very cost effective, if host PC has thunderbolt IF.  To be honest, these chassis tremendously helped us to meet customers budget for a single PXI system.  I cannot thank enough for this new type of interface and low cost PXI chassis to better contribute my customers.  Embedded controllers and MXI remote controllers are more expensive than Thunderbolt IF PXI chassis.  Also, these chassis are very small footprint and one of my customers really liked the compact system with PXIe-1090 and laptop.  


motherboard or host PC thunderbolt IF option thunderbolt version chassis PXI module note
DELL Precision 5470 built-in 3 PXIe-1083 PXIe-8513  
ASUS - Prime X299-A II ThunderboltEX 3 3 PXIe-1083 PXIe-5172 and PXIe-6361 128MB/sec data transfer from FPGA to host
GIGABYTE - Z590 VISION D (rev. 1.0) built-in 4 PXIe-1071 + PXIe-8301 PXIe-5774 (KU060) 640MB/sec data transfer from FPGA to host
cooling for 5774 is not fully met but work
DELL Precision 3571 built-in 3 PXIe-1090 PXIe-5785 (KU060) 200MB/sec continuous data transfer from FPGA to host

*Caveat for PXIe-1083 is its per-slot bandwidth is 500MB/sec while total bandwidth is 2GB/sec.  


Hope more people can realize the fantastic values of Thunderbolt IF PXI chassis.  


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