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Keysight M3201A causes NI-MAX issues

 I am seeing a problem when I use a Keysight M3201A PXI AWG and I was wondering if someone might have some thoughts on what may be causing this. I found that my tester containing this instrument was working very slowly. When I would open NI-MAX on start up it would take over 3 minutes to open. When it did open I periodically would get  a message stating that "there was a problem updating the settings for this device. The operation timed out". Also, under the System Resources pane it would show the memory as being unavailable. The instrument is in slot 9 (hybrid slot) and it does not show up in the Devices and Interfaces section. I found that this problem takes place even when there is no instrument in the tester. If I load the M3201A driver I get the slow start up. If I remove the driver it goes back to normal.

Another point, when the tester boots up, if I go to the M3201A soft front panel, it opens immediately and I can interact with the instrument.

I have seen this same behavior on more than one tester so it does not look like bad hardware. I am using an external PC cabled to a controller in the PXI chassis slot 1. I tried increasing the memory in the PC from 32G to 128G with no affect. 


If there is not a fi for this situation, Is there a way to keep NI-MAX from looking for that particular instrument/driver?


I have attached a screen shot of the NI-Max window. I have numerous other instruments and 

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