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Is nobody use a PXI-6052E to acquire scan at low frequency ?? When I try to create a scan of two samples per scan (sample scan at 100hz) the ScanStart function return -10697 (rateNotSupportedError)!

The frequency parameter given to the ScanStart function are the followings:
- sample base = -1 (200ns)
- sample interval = 22 727
- scan base = 1 (1?s)
- scan interval = 10 000
This parameters should work but there is a problem.
If you had an explanation...
Thank you
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You are getting that error because the E-series boards only support either 100KHz or 2MHz Timebases.

Double check the NI-DAQ on line reference manual to see the proper parameter to the ScanStart function that represents one of the two timebases above.

Hope this helps.
Filipe A.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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It is totaly right, I had a bad version of the NI-DAQ reference manual !
Thank you
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