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Infiniband to Terminal Block connection?

I currently have a bunch of PXI-4496's originally we purchased a whole bunch of NI SHB4X-8BNC. Basicially an Infiniband connector with 8BNC's coming out the end of each one of them. Well when you get up there in multiple channel counts you wind up with an awful mess of BNC connectors dangling everywhere. Currently I have mounted on the wall of my test stand a D38999 128 pin connector. Currently I go from the D38999 to BNC's that then connect into my PXI-4496's but it is a massive mess. Is there any connector that can take a SHB4X-B4X to screw terminal blocks, or to another connector that can go to screw terminal blocks such that I get a neater cleaner assembly? I suppose worst case I could likely cut the head off the SHB4X-B4X and try to pin into the 38999 but that seems nasty and there must be a better way.


Does anyone have any ideas here?

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Hello, adamsdaq!


I don't believe we have terminal blocks explicitly for the SHB4X-B4X. however, there are a couple solutions you may consider for cleaning up your connections. You'll find them dicsussed in the "InfiniBand Overview" Developer Zone article.


One option is to route infiniband cables from your 4496 into a BNC-2144. This will at least clean up your wiring a bit, and would be especially useful since you have a few 4496s.


We also offer theInfiniBand Connector Backshell, which would save you some trouble with hacking up your existing cables.


Please let me know if you have any questions on these!

Will Hilzinger | Switch Product Support Engineer | National Instruments
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Have you found a p/n for the connector part of the 4x InfiniBand connector backshell N I sells (p/n 198511-01)?


I would post this to PXI forum but could not figure out how to.

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Hello, John!


Unfortunately, we do not have an individual part number for that connector. Is there a reason you're looking for that individually? Are you looking for a component that the backshell can interact with?

Will Hilzinger | Switch Product Support Engineer | National Instruments
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I want to parallel all channels inside the 4x InfiniBand connectors (16 to 32 channels) and hook our Fluke 5700A calibrator to them without the weight of 32 BNC connectors Tee'd together hanging on the NI DAC cards and the bulky size of all those BNC's, too.


The best way seemed to be buying unterminated Infiniband connectors and paralleing them within the backshell itself with one wire pair going to our Fluke 5700.



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Fair enough! The connectors you mentioned will definitely get you there, but I understand you're looking for less - and unfortunately that's the most basic component we offer for Infiniband connections.


Please let us know if you have any further questions on this, John!


Will Hilzinger | Switch Product Support Engineer | National Instruments
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Hi Will,


I am jumping on this thread many years later, but maybe you'll be able to help me with this.

We are looking for an individual IB connector that SHB4X-B4X cable (PN: 197516-02) can interact with. We have not been able to find such thing though we know NI uses them. Could you help pointing me in the right direction? 


We are looking for something like this:



NI offers some form of that with their NI BNC-2144 breakout box (highlighted below).


I also found a backshell kit in InfiniBand Overview for NI 449x DSA Devices article, though I can't come across an actual part number for it.


This back shell kit, if available, appears to me like it'd be able to take the IB cable, and then allow us to solder to it and route the signals to a custom PCB.


Any of your advice and input is much appreciated.


Thank you,




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