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In trying to configure a PXI-8320, is there anything special I need to do to get the 8320 to appear in the display window of T&M Explorer?

I have a PXI-8320 card I'm attempting to use as a PXI bus controller. According to the manuals, configuration of the 8320 is accomplished using T&M Explorer. When I go into T&M Explorer, other installed interface cards are shown, but not the 8320. Is there something special I need to do to get it to come up so I can configure it?
System Info:
OS: Windows NT
The 8320 is installed in the first slot of an external CPCI backplane, and connected by cable to the PCI-MXI-2 board, which is in a PCI slot in the PC.
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MXI-2 is designed to connect your PXI or PCI system to a VXI controller. It is not designed to act as a PXI controller.

MXI-3 is the system that we have developed to control your PXI/cPCI system with a desktop computer or another PXI/cPCI system.

Trey Hamilton
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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