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I tried to upload the Pxisys.ini file and MAX is showing the slot ID ...but i need a function to return those slot numbers..such that i can use in my DLL

hi hamilton,
thanks for your reply .
I already tried the option or pxisys.ini file
The MAX is showing the slot number ..but My requiremet is to use the slot ID in a DLL
so I need a function type of statemen to return or get the slot number of the NI devices on the PXI.

I think I clearly explained.
I would like to get the slot numbers through a software fucntion such that i can use the slot numbers values for some other purpose ,,like configuration ,,
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This functionality currently is not built into National Instruments software. You can get the device number, but not the slot numbers programmatically.

Trey Hamilton
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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