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How to use NI PXI 5412, and NI PXI 5124 for send and receive of single waveforms?



I am using NI PXI5412 as a function generator, and NI PXI 5124 as Oscilloscope in my project. I would like to know how can I send and receive single waves with specific frequencies. I mean, what is the exact relationship between Sampling Rate, Number of Samples (points), Gain, Frequency, and applied voltage?


For example, for sending a sin wave with 10kHz frequency and 50 V, applied voltage, what are the values for sampling rate, number of samples, and gain?


Also, is it possible to use LabVIEW for data acquisition instead of FGen Soft Front Panel and Scope Soft Front Panel Softwares? If Yes, is ther any example in LabVIEW that we can use for synchronizing the Function Generator and Oscilloscope?


Thanks in advance for your help.


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Take a look at the examples in the screenshots for basic sine wave generation and for basic digitizer functions. To open the Example Finder in LabVIEW go to Help >> Find Examples


That should answer a lot of your questions about rate, num samples, etc.


How do you want to synchronize the two devices? There are a plethora of ways to do it depending on what you want to accomplish.

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Thanks for your advice.


We are trying to send signals through a soil sample using piezoceramic bender elements. Actualy, there are two bender elements, one working as actuator (transmitter), and the other as sensor (receiver). 


We need to generate single Sin and Square waves with frequencies in range of 1 to 20 kHz, and with a voltage up to 50 volts. The received signal must be interpreted in terms of amplitude, shape, frequency, and travel time.


We are now using an example of LabVIEW for signal generation (see attachments for the screenshot), and the Scope Soft Front Panel to record the sent and received signals. There are two problems:


1- We can not send signals with the voltage higher than 27.5 volts, as the maximum value that the softwar accepts for the "gain" is 6.02.

2- We can not save the data as an error occurs saying that " the acquisition must be complete before data is saved..".


We have tried to change the "Device Configuration" from the "Edit" toolbar, but still not able to save the data even with the "Record Length" of 100.


the Time/Div range that we use is in range of 0.1 to 1ms.

We assume that the "Frequency" (Hz) is equal to "Sampling Rate" divided by "Num of Samples".


I hope these information are sufficient for you to understand the problem.


Many thanks in advance for your guidance.



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Sorry just forgot to attch the screenshots.


Here they are.



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The 5412's maximum output range is 6V so I'm not sure how you're getting 27V out of it...


The scope issue is that it isn't triggering. Are you exporting a trigger signal from the 5412 when it begins generation?

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