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How to store in a scsi hard disk?

I would like to have your opinion.
In fact, I would like to buy a PXI acquisition card (MX7010 SPECTRUM)
and I would like to buy a PXI controler( NI PXI 8195 ) for example or
something very similar.

But I have a big amount data (20 Mo/s) and during a test fligth
(because it will be an airborne experiment) I have to store nearly ~
250 Gb...

I saw a card on NI website NI PXI 8214. With it, I can use a SCSI hard
disk. But I found no one with a 250 Gb quantity and comptatible with
this card...I think USB 2 is not sufficient because it is a real time

I don't know how to do ...? I don't know if it is possible in PXI 8195
to change internal hard disk (S-ATA) with a hard disk with more

With PCI, there is no trouble but with PXI it seems to be

I would be grateful if you can help me...

(ps: sorry I am french , then really sorry for my poor english!)

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Using compact PCI would probably be your best option. This gives you the flexibility of compact PCI and allows you to use an ATA drive with enough storage for what you need. EKF gives you several options on ATA drives that you might find useful.


Good luck,


Tica T

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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The largest HD that can be installed on the PXI-8195 is 120 GB.  This is the current limit of 2.5" HDs.  In addition to USB and SCSI, other options for increased HD storage include adding a FireWire module to your system (available from NI) or adding a PATA or SATA module to your system.  As was mentioned in the previous reply, EKF offers CompactPCI HD modules.  Here are two options:
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Two solutions:
To buy NI 8195 + CE5-cadenza from EKF (Cpci) + Serial ATA hard disk 300
Go (I have already found them!)

or buy NI 8195 (PXI) + NI8214 (SCSI PXI interface ) + SCSI hard disk
300 Go

These two configurations may work... no? I have to save in my hard disk
(20Mo/s) Because it will be placed in a airplane, I think second
solution is better for me...but I am not sure... please help me because
I am affraid to do hardware errors..

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