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How to set a DMA transfer type for PXIe-6536 in LabWindows/CVI?

I have a PXI chassis PXIe-1078 with a controller PXIe-8115 running under Windows 7. The digital output board is PXIe-6536.


I use a function DAQmxSetChanAttribute to set a property DAQmx_DO_DataXferMech to a value DAQmx_Val_DMA, since I want to use a direct memory access data transfer. This wokred well with a PCI-6534 board using the same LabWindows/CVI code before migrating it to the PXIe system.


Unfortunately, running this code on the PXIe system reports a DAQmx error -200452: "Specified property is not supported by the device or is not applicable to the task".


The task is created in the following simple way (the board name in MAX is 'Dev1'):

   DAQmxCreateTask ("digTask", &digitalTask);
   DAQmxCreateDOChan (digitalTask, "Dev1/port0:3", "DIG_CHANNELS", DAQmx_Val_ChanForAllLines);
   DAQmxSetChanAttribute (digitalTask, "", DAQmx_DO_DataXferMech, DAQmx_Val_DMA, 15);


How can I solve this problem? How is it possible to choose between different transfer types?



Thank you in advance for any hint!


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Hi CavityQED,


The PCI-6534 is a "Digital I/O" board while the PXIe-6536 is a "High Speed Digital I/O" board, that's why they don't have the same properties.


By the way you can use DMA transfer with this method :



Let me know if it helps you.



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