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How to route PXIe_CLK100 (used as a reference clk) through ClkOut of NI 6674Timing module using NI_Sync vi

Hello everyone,


I want to route the PXIe_CLK100 (used as a reference clk) through ClkOut terminal of NI 6674T Timing module using NI_Sync vi,but I am not getting the clock name in the I/O source terminal.I am using the niSync Connect clock terminal vi for the connection and the chassis is NI PXie 1085.

Can anyone please help me out on this?

Any help would greatly be appreciated.


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Try right-clicking on the constant and checking that "Allow Undefined Strings" is checked. If it is, check if typing in PXIe_Clk100 to the constant allows you to route out the clock through the timing card.

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I tried it but its not identifying the source terminal and popping an error as shown in the image attached.


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I looked more into routing the Clk100 from the backplane to the timing card and it doesn't look like this is a supported function. However, you could generate a clock on the timing card and send it both to the backplane and through the card's clkout if you're concerned about synchronization.

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