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How to interface this PCIe camera with a PXI system?

I am trying to figure out how I would interface this Ximea xiB PCIe camera with a PXI system (I'm using the PXIe-1085 chassis) to be able to use the xiLib Labview interface maintained by Ximea with the camera. Currently, we interface with it with a PCIe host adapter and this eliminates the need for a frame grabber. Since the communication with the PXI system would be over PCIe that means I still wouldn't need a frame grabber is that correct? I'm just not sure how I would interface the camera with the PXI system as we'll be performing some real-time analysis on the data collected. Would something like this PXIe-8383mc Adapter Module (manual) work to allow it to be used as a PXImc device and allow me to interface with it?

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