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How to get the slot number of the PXI-6713 device on the PXI Bus

My configuration is like this
I am using 8156 embedded controller in one slot and i am using the 6713 and 6070E in another two slots , I would like to get the inforamation of 6713 slot number and 6070 slot number.I used GET_DAQ_DEVICE_INFO for getting the device numbers .But I don't know how to get the slot numbers where the 6713 and 6070 are present.
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The way you can get that information is by calling the NI-DAQ function named Init_DA_Brds for each PXI slot of your chassis. Each function call will return a code number which will correspond to a particular PXI board. You can get the complete list of codes and boards at the NI-DAQ help for the Init_DA_Brds function. As you will know beforehand the slot number, by calling that function you will match the returned code with your slot number and figure out what board is hooked up on each slot.
Hope this helps.
Filipe Altoe
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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