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How to correctly disable the start trigger in niDigital if the trigger has not arrived

I use "niDigital Configure Digital Edge Start Trigger.vi" to setup the PXIe-6570 to start bursting when it receives a specific PXIe-Trig.

However, I cannot wait forever for this trigger and have a timeout condition. In the timeout condition I have to ready the device for new bursts and therefore use the "niDigital Disable Start Trigger.vi". 

This is where the problem arises. If the trigger has not arrived, then using "niDigital Disable Start Trigger.vi" returns error:

LV code: -1074118645,
LV Status: TRUE,
LV source: niDigital Disable Start Trigger.vi<ERR>The specified operation cannot be performed during a pattern burst.


What is the correct way to disable the start trigger?

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If there was a timeout due to missing trigger, make sure to call abort pattern burst and then disable start trigger.



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