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How to connect to PXI-4110 with smallest possible connector

I need to bring -5V from the PXI-4110 to a FlexRio Adapter Module in the same chassis.

I need a connector to mate to the PXI-4110, a cable, and a pcb/cable connector for the FlexRio Adapter Module. I'd like to keep the connector on the Adapter Module as small as possible, since space is limited.

Does anyone have experience connecting to a PXI-4110?


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Hey Tom,

Thanks for posting on the NI Discussion Forums!  There are several cabling options for the PXI-4110.  Normally custom cabling applications call for the NI L-2 Connectivity Kit.  However, I cannot suggest anything for FlexRIO connectivity since this is not a released product yet (later this year).

Rod T.
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Most of the time, FlexRio module need a custom connector. If this is a need, Averna could help you on developping the connector that fits your need.


Benoit Séguin
Software Designer
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