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How to configure PXI 5422 Arbitrary waveform generator

Good morning,
I'm a Labview programmer for signal generation and conditioning.
I have to configure the generator in object, but I would like stop the generation when waveform is finished.
With the information I found on help my generation continue infinitally, using ciclically the waveform on memory.
I try to use the control Fgen_is_done and Fgen_wait_until_done, but anyone can't indicate when the waveform is finished to create the first time.
So, I need to found a method to know when the waveform loaded on generator's memory is generated completely for one time.
Thanks a lot for Your reply in advance,
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Thanks a lot to all,
I found a solution to my problem.
Simply I have to use the Fgen Property Node of my generator and setting the trigger mode to make a finite trigger use and not continous as the default setting.
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