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How do you connect the Aux supply to the PXI-4110 Aux Power input

I recently received a PXI-4110 with the Aux Supply. The Aux supply has a connector that should connect into the Aux power input on the PXI-4110. I cannot figure out how to plug this connector into the Aux input. It doesn't seem to fit. Also, the Aux supply is missing the cable that goes between the Aux supply and the 115 VAC input power.
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Hi Hollister,

The PXI-4110 Power Supply comes with a screw terminal block in place where the Auxiliary Power Supply connects. In order to plug the Auxiliary Power Supply in, you will first need to remove the terminal block by unscrewing the screws on either side and then you will be able to pull the terminal block off. The plug of the Auxiliary Power Supply will then fit into the revealed socket.

With regards to the cable that will connect the Auxiliary Power Supply to the 115 VAC input power, the Auxiliary Power Supply does not come with one but you can use a standard IEC Power Cable. This is same type of power cable that most computers use.

I hope this explanation helps, Mallori M.

Mallori M
National Instruments
Sr Product Manager, Customer Proficiency

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This answered my question.

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